1. Was your appointment scheduled in a timely manner, and once you arrived were you greeted with courtesy and did our staff explain all forms and information to your satisfaction?

    2. Did the Medical Assistant escort you to the exam room and take all vital readings in a professional and courteous manner?

    3. While seeing your Doctor, was the reason you visited our office addressed with a clear diagnosis and treatment plan?

    4. If you were referred to a specialist or for additional testing, was the paperwork and steps you needed to take explained clearly so that you understood what to do?

    5. If a follow-up appointment was necessary, did our staff make it easy and convenient for you to schedule it?

    6. If you came in to talk to our Billing Office or Administration about your bill, how would you rate your experience?

    7. Is there anything in particular we did well, or could have done better?

    8. Was there any member of East Flagstaff Family Medicine who was particularly helpful?

    9. Additional Comments and Questions:

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