Thank you for allowing the providers and staff at East Flagstaff Family Medicine to care for you today. You can expect from us our best effort to provide quality health care in a prompt, courteous and cost-effective manner. There are some things that you can do to help make this partnership possible:

Your Appointment:

1. Please have an accurate list of every medicine you are taking, not only by name but also by strength and directions, bring in all of the original prescription bottles from your current medications, or take pictures with your smart phone.

2. It is required that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time, which includes time with our medical/technical team. Please understand that the time scheduled for your visit usually is enough to address and treat one health problem. This is why, when you schedule your appointment, we ask for what reason you need to be seen. If necessary, you may schedule additional time while booking you appointment. Otherwise, if your time is limited to a routine office appointment, we may ask you to make additional or extended appointments for your other concerns less critical than your most important problem of today.

3. Please be on time. If you cannot make your appointed time, please advise us as soon as possible so we can reschedule your visit. If you are late to arrive for your appointment and still expect to be seen, every patient scheduled after you will be delayed as well. We promise to do our best to stay on schedule, especially with your help. Regardless, should we fall behind, we will do our best to advise, reassign or reschedule your visit in a timely fashion.

Your Satisfaction:

1. We truly want to know if you experience a problem at or with our office. Please call or write our office manager, or your provider, if there are issues that need to be reviewed or resolved. Not only would we hope to remedy any current concern you may have, but also to learn from it that we may improve our future care for others as well.

2. We invite you to participate in your own health care. We encourage you to understand and participate in your office visit, to create a positive healthcare outcome. We try to let you know what you may further anticipate by and from our office, such as a phone call from or to us. You may be asked to schedule a follow up visit. Should you have any question that your expectations are not being met, please contact us.

3. We value all of our patients. Phone messages will be initiated the day they are received. Not all messages may be resolved immediately, however. Many times your provider may be required to review and respond to messages before they can be resolved, such as prescription refills. Please allow us time to provide a proper response. It may take a business day or two to respond to non-urgent messages.