January 2022- Our current hours are 7:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday. We will be closed on Saturdays until further notice. Our hours are subject to change daily, depending on our patient need.
Our Physician Assistant, Clayton Gould is moving out of Flagstaff to be closer to family. Clays last day at East Flagstaff Family Medicine is this Friday, December 17th. We wish Clay the best in his future medical endeavors. He will truly be missed!


  • EFFM has utilized electronic medical records since 2002.

  • E-prescribing: sends prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy of your choice to avoid long waits and improve patient safety.

  • Our goal is to provide same day or next day appointments for acute care between 7:30am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday

  • Call us to schedule a CDL exam today!


If you are switching to Blue Cross Blue Shield, please make sure you update your primary care provider to an EFFM provider. All of our providers are available to treat you under this new plan. For more details, please go to the following website www.azblue.com


The Silent Hepatitis C – January 1, 2022
Hepatitis is the diagnosis of an inflammation of the liver.  There are a number of different sources, including viral infections, certain medications and irritation from alcohol and chemical exposures.  Hepatitis C is an increasingly common infection showing up in ageing adults, and may exist without any symptoms or complaints for years or decades after the initial infection.  Sources of this infection include any current or remote history of drug injection with shared needles or syringes, or receiving an organ transplant, blood products or transfusions prior to the early 1990’s.  However once this virus had been identified around that era, screenings...